Friday, 31 January 2014

Announcing the Winners of the Google Cloud Developer Challenge

Winning the Google Cloud Developer Challenge (#GCDC) certainly wasn't easy for these 12 talented winners, who worked hard in developer teams of up to three people to conceive of and build an original, world-class, award-winning application.  Join me in congratulating these winners by posting comments on the official announcement video from Google or on this video that summarizes the winners:

Last year's winners, selected out of an impressive list of finalists, set the bar very high for this year's participants.  In the latest 2013 Google Cloud Developer Challenge, the competition was fierce among the almost 500 submissions received, and the competition grew even tighter once the finalists were announced last month.  You can watch the video announcing the finalists here:

Developers then had about four weeks to incorporate the feedback from the impressive group of Round One judges and refine their applications, adding polishing touches and applying additional skills to help them cross the finish line as a winner!  

Applications were screened by technical experts, in-region judges and leaders in the fields of government, non-profit management, business services, social media, gaming and many other disciplines to gauge the applications against the following criteria:
  • Effective use of Google App Engine (Compulsory)
    • All submissions must have an domain
  • Originality of concept
  • Relevance to region (Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa, and US/Europe/Rest of World)
  • Polish and appeal
  • Accessibility
  • Usability on multiple screen sizes
  • Indispensability:  Is the application compelling and/or essential?
  • Amount of user interactions on their app (comments, +1s, FB Likes, etc...)
  • Google+ sign-In / integration (Not compulsory:  Bonus Points)
  • Creative use of YouTube and Google Maps APIs (Not compulsory:  Bonus Points)
  • Use of other Google platforms / APIs (Not compulsory:  Bonus Points)

Earlier this week, the following Google Cloud Developer Challenge winners were announced.  Links to their applications are included below and you can learn more about the developers and their apps by following #GCDC on Google Plus.  

Winners of the Enterprise/Small Business Solutions, Education, Not for Profit Category:

1) HealthMate, India

HealthMate is an application for patients and doctors to manage their prescriptions and appointments.

2) Farejador do Planalto, Brazil

Farejador do Planalto offers Brazilian citizens a way to track, monitor and compare the expenses and absence percentages of congressmen and senators, and share them on social networks.

3) Geo Sketch, Saudi Arabia

Geo Sketch lets you share your ideas, thoughts, comments, or annotations with friends, coworkers and students as a sketch on a map.

4) D.I.Y. Property, Singapore

D.I.Y. Property is a website that helps users to buy, sell or rent property in Singapore.

5) Tourbly, Ghana

Tourbly is a platform that allows tourists to meet up with reliable guides.

6) Grow, United States

Grow is a modern static site generator and content management system that is designed for the cloud.

Winners of the Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun Category:

1) Gdirect, India

Gidrect helps you find your way anywhere on the go without the internet.

2) Research Engine, Mexico

Research Engine is an application that helps researchers comprehensively manage their research projects and documentation.

3) Travellog, United Arab Emirates

Travellog is an open community journal of stories and images from around the world.

4) MishMash, Philippines

MishMash is a social game that turns people from your Google+ circles into different sets of challenges.

5) FunnyLeni, Nigeria

FunnyLeni aggregates hilarious local videos watched by you and your friends off YouTube and connects with your Google+, Facebook and Twitter account to discover videos watched by your friends.

6) Travel Journal, Romania

Travel Journal is an application that can help you plan your entire holiday.

I am personally fascinated by the prospect of watching these ideas and applications evolve over time and to watch future business leaders emerge as a result of the challenge.  Have an idea for a future challenge?  Grab a developer friend and start brainstorming an app or two.  Who knows?  Perhaps it will plant a seed for you to win the next challenge yourself and bring the world a valuable app that will make a difference like the great apps that won the Google Cloud Developer Challenge this year.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Who Will Win the Google Cloud Developer Challenge Tomorrow?

The past several months have been very exciting and productive for developers around the world who accepted the challenge to build a world-class cloud application. And their results have been phenomenal! 

As we approach the announcement of the winners of the Google Cloud Developer Challenge on January 28, 2014, I'd love to hear your predictions regarding which apps shown in this video will win in each region. 


The six regions include:
1) India
2) Southeast Asia
3) Middle East and Northern Africa
4) Sub-Saharan Africa
5) US, Europe and Rest of the World
6) Latin America

A winning app will be selected in each of two categories in each region:

1) Enterprise/Small Business Solutions, Education, Not for Profit
2) Social, Personal Productivity, Games and Fun

Watch the video now and post your predictions in the comments area for which apps you think will win in YOUR region! If you are competing, feel free to vote for your own app or to pick winners from the other category or regions.  

Good luck to all of the participants in this year's Google Cloud Developer Challenge! Stay tuned to see the list of winners shortly and follow the hashtag #gcdc on Google+.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Today is the Final Deadline for the Google Cloud Developer Challenge - Good Luck to All

Developers around the world have spent the last several months showing the world what they can do with the Google Cloud Platform! Developers in 6 regions across the world will win prizes that include Android devices and up to $20,000 USD. The challenge also highlights innovations of students and female developers.

Earlier this year, developers were given a challenge to build and submit an amazing application using Google app engine and addressing real-world issues in one of these categories:

1) Enterprise / Small Business Solutions, Education, Not for Profit
2) Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun

Be sure to check out the amazing finalists that were announced last month: . The developers of these apps have been working to improve them over the past month using the feedback from 80 expert judges, so please follow the hashtag #gcdc on Google+ and give them encouragement between now and the announcements later this month.

A winner will be chosen for each category in each region for 12 prizes in total, and today (January 5, 2014) marks the final deadline for the submission of revised applications, and we can't wait to see them! According to the Google Cloud Developer Challenge website, the time zone for submissions is Pacific time: "January 5th 2014: Semifinalist applications are due at 11:59 PM PT." ( )

Good luck to all the participants and please stay tuned for final winner announcements on January 28, 2014!