Monday, 27 January 2014

Who Will Win the Google Cloud Developer Challenge Tomorrow?

The past several months have been very exciting and productive for developers around the world who accepted the challenge to build a world-class cloud application. And their results have been phenomenal! 

As we approach the announcement of the winners of the Google Cloud Developer Challenge on January 28, 2014, I'd love to hear your predictions regarding which apps shown in this video will win in each region. 


The six regions include:
1) India
2) Southeast Asia
3) Middle East and Northern Africa
4) Sub-Saharan Africa
5) US, Europe and Rest of the World
6) Latin America

A winning app will be selected in each of two categories in each region:

1) Enterprise/Small Business Solutions, Education, Not for Profit
2) Social, Personal Productivity, Games and Fun

Watch the video now and post your predictions in the comments area for which apps you think will win in YOUR region! If you are competing, feel free to vote for your own app or to pick winners from the other category or regions.  

Good luck to all of the participants in this year's Google Cloud Developer Challenge! Stay tuned to see the list of winners shortly and follow the hashtag #gcdc on Google+.


  1. I think +Farejador do Planalto will win on Not For Profit in Latin America.