Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Google Cloud Developer Challenge Submissions Now Being Accepted!

For those of you who got a head start on developing your killer cloud app for the Google Cloud Developer Challenge, you can now submit your app. If you're still putting the finishing touches on your app, you've got almost a month to keep working on it!

And even if inspiration just struck you recently, there's still plenty of time to explore  ideas (grab a teammate or two to brainstorm together!), develop a concept, and start hacking! Check out the hashtag #gcdc on Google Plus for great tutorials on Google App Engine and other tools that will help you succeed in the challenge.

Good luck and make sure to get those awesome apps in by November 21st!


  1. Can two people develop an app for the challenge

    1. Absolutely! Teams can have up to 3 people...

    2. Thanks ma'am.... I wanna ask another question:
      Is it possible for me to develop two different apps and get them approved.
      For Example:
      First Round/Nov 21st: A Micro-blogging site
      Second Round/Dec 5th: A Search Engine
      Is this possible?

  2. Can one person submit in 2 separate apps in 2 different categories?

  3. Each person or team can submit one app in each category (2 categories = maximum of 2 apps). You can read more in Frequently Asked Questions: